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Kona's parents

Kona (from the Lakota word for "friend" or "Life companion") began life as Hawthorne James Watson, part of the Hawthorne TamaskanTM Pi litter, on 3/14/2013.

His sire was Blustag Blue Gem at Basalt (Zephyr) and his dam was Tarheel Ocracoke Treasure at Hawthorne (Freyja).

Freyja and Zephyr are pictured at left.
Photo courtesy of Hawthorne TamaskanTM kennel.

Click this link to see the results of Kona's initial
contribution to the future of the TamaskanTM bloodline.

Here Kona and Kami are relaxing after a day's work.
Photo courtesy of Stoney Creek TamaskanTM.

Kona and Kami